Mainframe and Guidewire Systems Programmer (21230)

Job Description

Must to have : Mainframe Assembler programming and Guidewire Claim Center Implementation
1. Acquire client’s requirement and formulate specification and process flow.
2. Design the software system based on the approved specification and process flow.
3. Design the network architecture in accordance with the specification.
4. Excellent knowledge of z/OS operating systems. Familiarity with Network File System (NFS). Ability to diagnose issues while transferring files between z/OS and the Linux on Z systems
5. Knowledge of Administrative Terminal System (IBM ATS/360)
6. MVS assembler programming: Expert level
a. Able to understand and make changes to assembler code
i. 31-bit programming for managing virtual storage
ii. multi-tasking programs – Managing interactions between IBM ATS/360 and Multiple Virtual Systems (MVS)
iii. Execute Channel Program (ExCP) programming at supervisory level for I/O
iv. Multi-processor considerations – Hardware synchronization instructions such as Compare and Swap (CS)
b. Asynchronous TCP/IP programming (BPX1AIO API)
c. Able to debug using dumps from ATS to determine reason for failure.
d. Able to write new programs to allow for new features or changes to current programs.
7. Legal ,Insurance and Substation automation domain experience.
8. Execute the project from the planning phase to the implementation phase
9. Execute and implement a testing and troubleshooting plan.
10. Prepare manuals and documents for the operation and maintenance of the software and the user requirement.
121 Experience in Guidewire PolicyCenter or BillingCenter Configuration/ GOSU development.